People Analytics | The game changer

When it comes to recruiting and retaining the right employees for your business, it’s important to understand the rules of the game. But what if you knew more about the players in the game too? It’s all part of “Big Data,” an idea that has taken the human resources industry by storm. And it is precisely what Human-IQ’s resources, offer your company. A more informed, more intelligent way of understanding the players in the game — which will ultimately lead to a more engaged work force and stronger outcomes for your company.

What is ‘Big Data’?

In the wake of heated debates on data acquisition and privacy (hello, Facebook data gathering scandal), some might be deterred by a conversation praising the benefits of data gathering. But the kind of data available to human resources professionals has the potential to ensure proper alignment within a given company. It offers a way to identify management “blind spots,” according to Cornerstone, a talent management company, and answer a variety of questions about productivity, efficacy of training programs and more.

In other words, “Big Data” is a general term for the large quantity of employee, customer and transactional data available in organizations.

It can be powerful if you seek out the right resources to help you gather, interpret and implement the findings from your data.

That’s where Human-IQ steps in. With three objective points of data — behavioral assessment, cognitive assessment and job assessment — you can be sure you are attracting, hiring and keeping the right employees.

Benefits of People Analytics

Recent studies have shown that engaged employees want to come to work 65 percent more than disengaged employees. How do you know what will engage them? You need the data. You need people analytics.

Human IQ helps unlock big data.
Unlock the information you need with the resources available at Human IQ.

Amazingly, you can gather all the data you need in just six minutes. A simple, open-ended assessment allows employees to select from a list of words to describe how they perceive themselves, and how they hope to be perceived. Then the experts at Human-IQ teach you how to decode all the complexities of each employee’s behavior and ensure they are on the path that best fits them and your business needs.

When hiring, the old method was basically two-fold. Read through a stack of resumes. Then, attempt to discern and quantify potential employees’ skill set during a subjective interview.

In today’s world, that isn’t enough.

According to a 2017 article in Forbes Magazine, there is now an increased focus on measuring diversity, gender pay equity, skills gaps, labor utilization, retention rates, real-time feedback and organizational network analysis.

In other words, “People analytics is a vital part of running a high performing company.”

Backed by science

Although your intuition cannot be overlooked entirely, when you’re pitching a potential employee’s qualifications to upper management, they’re going to want some hard evidence. Science based facts. That’s exactly how Human-IQ operates. With more than 20 million people assessed, their tools can accurately predict behavior in any job, any industry.

Face it, with all the information available out there, isn’t it time to hire smarter?