The scoop on self awareness

In an era of selfies, self-care and dozens of other activities all surrounding the self, it may surprise people to note that one deficit in the workforce, particularly in executive leadership, is often a person’s lack of self-awareness.

And it’s a deficit that carries a high price.


The study

This information came forth as part of a study commissioned by Green Peak Partners and conducted by Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, examining 72 executives at public and private companies. According to an article published by the American Management Association, after exploring the leadership styles and backgrounds of these C-level, presidents and other business executives, researchers found that, “executives most likely to deliver good bottom line results are actually self-aware leaders who are especially good at working with individuals and in teams,” says J.P Flaum, managing partner at Green Peak Partners Boards.

This argument is corroborated in numerous articles, including a 2012 piece in the Harvard Business Review.

“There is one quality that trumps all, evident in virtually every great entrepreneur, manager and leader,” says Anthony K. Tjan, co-author of “Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck.” “That quality is self-awareness.”

But as Tjan says, the real secret is not merely recognizing the need for self-awareness, it is actually figuring out how to become more self-aware.

Here’s where the experts at Human-IQ come in.

Hiring smarter

The idea of matching people’s behavior with the behaviors you wish to see inside your company is no surprise to the team at Human-IQ. In fact, hiring smarter is one of the main tenets of this innovative organization.

Utilizing 60 years of business research, coupled with more than 500 scientific case studies to uphold the methodology, Human-IQ applies sound behavioral, cognitive and skill matrices to current and prospective employees in your business in order to maximize their happiness, productivity and longevity. Key among these behavioral patterns assessed by Human-IQ is, you guessed it, self-awareness.

“Self awareness is critical for leadership and is the core of what we do at Human-IQ,” says Brittni Shelton, president of Human-IQ. “When people are aware of their needs and behaviors, they demonstrate better workplace performance.”

As is evident in the research, ensuring company leadership, as well as employees, have access to tools to increase self-awareness will ultimately improve the bottom line. No longer is it enough for C-level executives to simply sit in on meetings, they need to understand the interactions in the company. They need to know how to interact with employees in a way that resonates with the employee.

These are the tools available with Human-IQ.

“Each client that goes through our state-of-the-art training experiences a variety of ‘a-ha’ moments in which they become aware of why they do the things they do,” Shelton says. “Our training uses various hands-on activities in which each person discovers their drives and needs, and how they affect the workplace as well as those they work with.”

When it comes to business, no matter your industry, you are in the people business.

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